RidgeMonkey USB Rechargeable Headtorch (pannlampa)

RidgeMonkey USB Rechargeable Headtorch (pannlampa)

499 kr

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Ny superpannlampa från engelska RidgeMonkey. Laddas via USB-kabel. Lampan kan ställas i olika ljuslägen och har även grönt ljus, vilket gör att du inte förlorar mörkerseendet. Bred, justerbar och bekväm huvudrem.

RidgeMonkey säger:

Make dead batteries a thing of the past with the VRH300 USB Rechargeable Headtorch: alongside the twin colour output and variable brightness levels, the days of fumbling around in the dark looking for replacement batteries are gone – simply connect to any USB charger to top up the internal lithium polymer cell while using the built in power display to ensure you never run out of juice. Featuring a hard wearing rubberised outer and IP64 water resistance, the VRH300 sets a new bar for headtorch design and functionality.

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